Why is there a need to use dog toothpaste? What are the effects of using normal toothpaste?

Brushing your dog’s mouth at least twice every day is recommended, just like it is for us. Brushing will become a part of many dogs’ daily routine, and they will start to expect and appreciate it. Brushing three times per week is the bare minimum for removing plaque and preventing tartar formation. Periodontal disease, an infection or illness of the membranes surrounding the teeth, is believed to affect more than two-thirds of dogs well over the age of three. Periodontal disease begins with plaque-induced gingivitis and frequently develops to affect the bone tooth sockets. If left untreated can result in painful missing teeth. Plaque is a biological biofilm that coats the surface of the teeth. The coating will calcify and become cement-hard after a few days. Whereas the first coating is minuscule, other layers will form over time. It is a thin material formed by bacterial growth. So, to make sure your dog is safe and healthy, you need to use an ideal dog toothpaste so that your dog can have good and healthy dental hygiene.

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Why not use normal toothpaste on dogs?

Ingredients in human toothpaste should not be consumed. If consumed, it might cause stomach distress or digestive difficulties. Some human toothpaste have excessive quantities of sodium that may cause your pet to become sick, whereas others contain xylitol, which is poisonous to dogs. As a result, using regular toothpaste on your dogs should be avoided.