The hardest decision that you need to make when you are traveling is where you will stay. There is a lot of planning and budgeting that you need to do when looking for a hotel. The hotel rooms are essential. There are websites that have a review section. The reputation of the hotel will depend on it. You will learn what makes a hotel room look great.

The bed

Having a comfortable bed to sleep in at night is important. The hotel is perfect for sleeping and showering when you are on a vacation. It is because all day you will explore the tourist spots of the place. Getting a room that has a fluffy soft bed is a must.  Especially when you have a long-hour flight and you want to take a rest because of jetlag.

The pillow

It is also an important part of the bed. There are some that have the softest bed but they have uncomfortable pillows. The hotel pillows are sometimes the most relaxing. And they want you to relax while you are taking a vacation.

The shower

The hotel has proper water pressure and is consistent with the water temperature. You better not have an icy cold that comes out of the showerhead. There are other hotels that have a water heater. You can adjust how hot you want the water to be. It is a great advantage when the hotel that you are staying in has this kind of machine.

The sight

Even when you are staying in a small hotel room that has the nicest view can be bearable. And when you book a hotel better choose a room that has the nicest view of the city. The Best Hotels in Manhattan Beach also has the most beautiful sight.

Foods and drinks

Getting a hotel that has a buffet breakfast and happy hour is perfect. It is one of the great things that can happen when you’re on a vacation.

The other important details


When you arrive at your hotel there will be fluffy white hotel towels on your bed and in the bathroom. There are some hotels that have a bathrobe and slippers.


There is a heated mirror in the bathroom. So when you are taking a shower it will not fog up because of the steam.


Having a pool in the room might be a little expensive. But having a private pool in the room is heaven. You will enjoy wearing swimwear when you are a little conservative. And no one will see it.

By Jack

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