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When you are an off-road enthusiast, you might have a 4×4. You can enhance the performance and functionality of your 4WD by installing some 4WD tools. You will know some accessories you must consider and what to do when you buy them.

Suspension components

You may like to upgrade your suspension components, like the shock absorbers, bushes, torsion bars, and coil springs. When you buy these, you must research to make the parts that will fit your car and the durability of your desired components. Online reviews and your mechanic must have a good source of information. Lift kits are the best when you like to boost your car’s ground clearance. The underlying lift kits will ensure the installed lift kits will meet your needs.

Ute drawer systems

It is the best solution for people considering disorganization in their vehicles. The drawers will have some compartments installed at the back of the pickup tray or SUV. When buying a ute drawer system, you must know the build quality to establish its durability. You must see the design, installation process, and weight limits. When it is possible, the drawer must experience a crash test.

Emergency kits

Emergency and survival kits will soothe your suffering when your vehicle breaks down, gets stuck, or crashes on your off-road trip. It will add heavy-duty winches, recovery tracks, tire chains, and emergency triangles. It would help to have emergency equipment like first aid boxes, shovels, and LED lighting.

Camping equipment

When you plan on spending the days on the road, you must buy camping gear. You can buy an awning that will give you enough shade for your tent or take an afternoon nap. Other camping types of equipment include portable bathrooms, cooking equipment, and folding chairs. You must add a freshwater tank underneath your vehicle to ensure enough water while traveling.

Engine parts

There are different ranges of engine performance parts that you can change your 4WD to an off-road vehicle. You can install performance air and fuel intake systems, good quality spark plugs, bigger turbo, and exhaust. You can overhaul the engine and change the transmission system when you need power increments.


Using a snatch strap or winch will include massive forces, which can be deadly. The best bet is to drive out in the situation that gets you stuck where you can use a Maxtrax. A nylon recovery board acts as a shovel where you cannot place them under your tires and drive out. You can use them to dig a pit or latrine in your new base camp. You don’t have to drive a 4×4 or go off-road to benefit from it. It will work well on the snow, mud, or soft sand.

These accessories include suspension, emergency kits, ute drawer systems, and engine performance parts. It is helpful when it is your first time having an off-road vehicle, where this equipment will make your life easier.

By Jack