Gone are the days when people flocked to the theatres to watch movies, now you can get everything in the palm of your hand. There are more options like Telugu thriller movies and OTT series that you can watch and enjoy.

aha in 2024 has a ton ofpopular new Telugu movies online and web series available for viewing online. Ardhamaina Arun Kumar, Sarvam Shakthi Mayam, and New Sense are a few examples of such Telugu films. You can find out more information about them in-depth in this particular guide.

Best new Telugu movies online to Watch in 2024

You have the choice to watch these films on aha’s over-the-top platform. These are three excellent films that will keep you entertained. Find out more about these Telugu films in-depth:

  • Ardhamaina Arun Kumar

Are you someone who loves to enjoy comedy series that can make you laugh? Then Ardhamaina Arun Kumar is the show for you. This show stars Tejaswi Madivada, Harshith Reddy, and Ananya Sharma in the main roles.

You will experience the highs and lows of the corporate world along with the characters of the show. There are fun moments and also moments of drama that will keep you hooked. This is one of the best Telugu shows you will enjoy.

  • Sarvam Shakthi Mayam

Have you ever questioned the existence of God? Is he really there or is he a figment of our imagination? Tackle these questions and more as a businessman along with his dysfunctional family embark on a spiritual pilgrimage.

This show stars Priyamani, Ashlesha Thakur, and Samir Soni in lead roles. In search of peace and calm in his life, a troubled businessman sets out on a spiritual pilgrimage with his family to the eighteen sacred Maha Shakthi Peeths in South India. He has yet to learn that this journey will introduce him to the powerful power of faith, perseverance, and the human spirit rising above difficulties.

  • New Sense

A small town is under the violent control of two opposing political factions. Because the police have chosen to ignore their problems, the unfortunate residents have nowhere to go. The story is well-known in mainstream cinema.

This well-known setting is used by the new Telugu web series Newsense, which is available on aha, to tell a fictional story about local news reporters in Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, and to talk about the function of the media.

The show, which stars Navdeep and Bindu Madhavi and was directed by Sri Prawin and written by journalist Priyadarshini Ram, chooses to depict the media’s operations in a somber rather than a heroic manner.

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