There’re many methods to raise funds for your projects with blockchain. However, launching and marketing ICO is considered highly rewarding and also complex. It is a bit complex because this combines other methods too, from trading to mining, marketing as well as liquidity mining.

Check out Steps You Can Use in Your ICO marketing strategy

Develop convincing Whitepaper

The detailed whitepaper will be important pivotal for your ICO marketing company strategy. This can act as a first point of contact with your prospective investors. Thus, before launching your ICO, create the professional whitepaper that includes technical outline of the project with benefits that are offered to the investors. Plan out the template of whitepaper and ensure successful fundraising campaign.

Use paid advertising

The best method to go up a ladder is using the paid advertising tools. Many social media networks and search engines will allow for the paid ads just after following some rules. Though publishing SEO rich content will boost your organic reach and using Google AdWords you may run campaigns, and metrics will be monitored constant. But, likes of Twitter and Facebook have banned posts on cryptocurrency marketing & ICO advertisements.

Create engaging website

Have various sections that will portray different info about your ICO for your customers. Make sure you post content often on your website and keeping SEO in your mind and get better traffic to your ICO.

Promote over social media

Promoting business articles and blogs on LinkedIn will gain good professional clients for the ICO. One may react to the user queries in the discussion platforms. Interacting with the cryptocurrency communities will reach higher clients.

By Jack