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You’re Invited: Sumo and Sushi!

Do you love sushi, extreme sports, and Japanese culture? This event may be your cup of tea! Sumo + Sushi  will be held on November 16th at Pure Space.  Sumo and Sushi will ignite all your senses with a complete Japanese culinary experience, featuring uniquely creative food and live professional sumo wrestling.

The 90-minute sumo show features three-time World Sumo Champion Byambajav Ulambayar; five-time US Sumo Champion Kelly Gneiting; and highest division Pro Sumo All-Star Yama, one of the heaviest Japanese humans ever. While a pro sumo emcee explains the rules, technique, and sumo culture, you can cheer on your favorite wrestler as these three massive athletes smash together in front of your table. Tickets range from $69 to a VIP ticket for $99.  You can purchase them here.  Looking forward to seeing you in the ring at Pure Space for this not-so-everyday living social event!


Fit Right Fashion Show- Fit Right Northwest, Oregon Active

WCEP Account Manager, DJ Smith, and Fit Right owner, Dave Sobolik

Over 200 guests at the Fit Right Fashion Show shopped, mingled, and put their hands on their heads and behinds Friday, September 20th at Pure Space to support Oregon Active. Guests raised 1,500 dollars for Oregon Active, by playing “Heads or Tails” prior to the runway show—getting up on the runway dancing, and choosing “heads or tails” when the music stopped by placing their hands accordingly. A coin was tossed by Oregon Active recipient of the nonprofit’s Adventure Therapy Programs,  Nathan Woods, to decide each round of winners that correctly choose heads or tails. Guests also donated by sipping Barefoot wine and Widmer Brothers brews! Fifteen vendors, including Nike, Adidas, Lucy, The North Face, Brooks, and Icebreaker sold apparel at a discount—some of the items were made only available during the event. Local athletes, trainers, fitness instructors, and Olympians Kara and Adam Goucher were among those that strutted their stuff, and the featured apparel down the runway for the cause. Fit Right Northwest owner and Oregon Active supporter, Dave Sobolik, organized the fashion show benefit for the second year to raise funds for the nonprofit that has truly “struck a chord” with Sobolik. The Adventure Programs funded by Oregon Active, strive to “inspire through positive emotion, challenges, community support and a connection with the natural world that refreshes the human spirit”, an aspiration in close alignment with Fit Right’s organizational values as well as Sobolik’s personal values—values of maintaining a healthy body and spirit, and acting as a positive contributing influence on the community. Sobolik was pleased to have the ability to give back to an amazing organization, and worked with West Coast Event Productions to execute the fashion show benefit in the Pure Space Venue. Sobolik and his team worked closely with West Coast’s technicians and account managers to ensure lighting, audio visual, and the right atmosphere would create an optimal environment for showcasing the apparel in the vendor booths, on the runway, and Oregon Active through an inspirational video and speech delivered by Oregon Active’s CEO, Devin Kelly. “I haven’t heard a single bit of negative feedback” said Sobolik of the event, “My inbox last week was full of positive comments, new fans of Oregon Active, and people proud of the charitable event we put on.” Sobolik hopes the successful trend will continue with next year’s event that will most likely be held in mid-October or early November. Read more about Sobolik’s involvement with Oregon Active, and how the show came together. Steve Belinge Photography

Ruby Receptionists Celebrates a Decade of Success in Retro-Glam Style at Pure Space

The Ruby Receptionists ladies and gentleman celebrated in retro-glam style at Pure Space on Saturday, August 10th—marking the local company’s 10th anniversary. Ruby Receptionists, a virtual receptionists company whose team is known for their charm, friendliness, and professionalism, had much to celebrate. Having received the title “ #1 Best Small Company to Work For” by Fortune magazine, and recently expanding to open an office in Beaverton, Ruby’s Events Coordinator, Whitney Martin, wanted the milestone anniversary celebration to encapsulate the Ruby image. Each decision and inclusion was intentional, according  to Martin, to give the brand presence throughout the duration of the event by incorporating the retro-glam image that is quintessentially Ruby Receptionists—reminiscent of the 50’s and 60’s, when office phones were answered by real, live, cheerful receptionists, such as the ladies at Ruby. Ruby employees make it their mission to bring back real, meaningful connections in today’s virtual world, and this party was one way for them to reconnect with each other. “I had a very specific vision, and a really strong concept. It was amazing to see it materialize!” said Martin, who worked with WCEP to incorporate elements that conveyed Ruby Receptionists ideals and values—one of which, is “wowism”. The 350 guests certainly experienced Ruby “wowism” as they entered Pure Space on a pink carpet to strut down for a photo op. in front of a “Some Like it Hot” backdrop designed for Ruby, that had also appeared on the event invitations. Pink and orange, the company colors, were present throughout Pure Space in the linen, accent pillows on white ultra-lounge furniture, and lighting. The smallest details added up to pack a powerful thematic punch: Black cat-eye sunglasses, an iconic accessory of the retro era, served as table toppers; specialty drinks had playful nicknames like “Ruby Kiss” (Get the Ruby Kiss Recipe); Cigarette girls passed out candy cigarettes, and guests danced across a black and white checkered floor to Art Abrams Swing Machine band playing all the classic big band tunes. The guests played an important role in creating the right Ruby atmosphere as well. The large majority were dressed in retro-glam attire, from long cocktail dresses, dazzling jewels and faux furs, to impeccable tuxedos and bouffant hair. The Ruby guests could have passed as extras at a cocktail party on the set of “Mad Men”. To ensure guests would arrive in brand and era-appropriate attire, Martin sent out emails prior to the event with make-up tips, fashion, and hair-style ideas that would suit the Ruby Receptionists theme, and help inspire attendees to enhance the celebration by dressing the part the night-of. While the vintage retro-glam theme was well accompanied by the swing band, Martin opted for a DJ toward the end of the evening, allowing those uneducated in ballroom dancing to show their moves on the checkered floor as the party continued on. Changing the pace, DJ Zimmie began playing hits everyone could move to. The change in music was signified by two confetti cannons exploding from the 40 foot ceiling trusses at Pure Space over the dance floor, and raining pink and orange confetti on Ruby Receptionists party-goers below. WCEP technical services orchestrated the special effects that wowed the crowd. fashion, and hair-style ideas that would suit the Ruby Receptionists theme, and help inspire attendees to enhance the celebration by dressing the part the night-of. Ruby Receptionists offers virtual receptionist services that make callers feel as if the person on the line is there in office—allowing businesses to focus on more valuable tasks, while not sacrificing the importance of friendly, professional, customer service. Ruby fosters this level of service through events like this one; after all, happy employees will in turn foster that joy with clients. Through the company’s decade long success– a fastest growing company in Oregon for six years running in addition to its workplace culture awards, it is evident that Ruby has this down to a “T”! West Coast Event Productions was happy to be a part of a glamorous and well-deserved celebration, and looks forward to working with Ruby in 2028, to celebrate their silver anniversary! It is likely there will be more to celebrate from this thriving local company! See the floor plan layout designed by WCEP to inspire your next event! Click images to enlarge, see more photos on Ruby’s FacebookFlickr Blog, and learn more about the company!

You’re Invited to the Fit Right Fashion Show, Supporting an Amazing Oregon Active Athlete

  • Fitness, fashion, and compassion—all common values among Portlander’s, and all reasons to attend the upcoming Fitness Fashion Show at Pure Space. Guests at the Fitness Fashion Show will enjoy cocktails, music, fashion, discounts, and the opportunity to purchase exclusive apparel on-site. Twelve vendors including Nike, Lucy, and The North Face, will be present to show and sell looks while guests enjoy the fashion, shopping, and mingling experience all the while, supporting a cause worth-while.
  • Local community fitness apparel store, Fit Right, will be producing the show with the support of Nike as the title sponsor, to benefit Oregon Active—a local nonprofit that facilitates adventure programs for individuals with impairments and disabilities. Adventure programs strive to “inspire through positive emotion, challenges, community support and a connection with the natural world that refreshes the human spirit.” Oregon Active’s Adventure Programs have touched many, and have certainly inspired Fit Right founder, Dave Sobolik.
  • “I’ve worked with other nonprofits before, but it’s really the first time I have been so passionate about one,” said Sobolik about Oregon Active. Having a rich background in health and wellness, the nonprofit and the recipients of the Adventure Programs “struck a chord” with the Fit Right founder producing the Fitness Fashion Show benefit. Sobolik founded Fit Right in 2000, with a very similar mission of creating an organization that encourages healthful living and strives to make a genuine contribution to the local community.
  • “Most of our (Fit Right’s) retail apparel and products can be purchased anywhere, but people come to Fit Right for the community and the creative side that you don’t get elsewhere” said Sobolik in describing Fit Right’s unique shopping experience, and why the store’s involvement with Oregon Active is complimentary to the retailer’s overarching goal of community and wellness integration.
  • After learning about the Oregon Active recipient of the Fitness Fashion Shows’ proceeds, it is clear what Sobolik found so inspiring about the cause and this recipient. Ticket sales and fitness fashion purchases will aid Seth McBride, a quadriplegic, on his hand cycling journey to Argentina this coming fall. McBride will be accompanied by his girlfriend, and a videographer that will capture this ambitious adventure on film. Sobolik intends to produce the benefit fashion show annually, in demonstration of his continued passion and support for Oregon Active. Next years’ show will include the premiere of the documentary that will be filmed of McBride’s journey—enabling this year’s inaugural fashion show attendees to see the adventure come full circle; an adventure made possible through their support of the Fitness Fashion Show as well as Fit Right, and Nike’s contribution.
  • Sobolik’s ambition of making the Fitness Fashion Show an annual event is the precise reason for selecting Pure Space as the venue. Sobolik believes the versatility and location of Pure Space is optimal for the fashion show’s expansion and growth in coming years. With a capacity of 1,000 and a beautifully malleable design, Pure Space extends endless possibilities of enhancement and development for annual events. The Fit Right founder has also worked with West Coast Event Productions and account manager DJ Smith prior to this occasion, in connection with Fit Right’s Lacamas Lake Half Marathon—one of many community running events organized by the store. Sobolik rang Smith’s praise, describing the West Coast account manager as, “fantastic, patient, and respectful”. Smith looks forward to having the opportunity to work with Fit Right’s founder again in executing this fun night of fashion, music, nibbles, sips, good deeds, and inspiration.
Features of the Fitness Fashion Show
  • •             Fashion: Various trendy fitness lines including Nike, The North Face, lucy…see full list
  • •             Music: Brian O’Dell—pleasantly described as “Dave Matthews-like”
  • •             Cocktails/Wine Wall: Donate $20 and select a brown bag from the wine wall to receive a $20 to $100 bottle!
  • •             First 100 people receive goodie bags
  • •             Be among the first to see the new line of Lifestyle apparel introduced by Fit Right
  • •             Over $5,000 in Raffle Prizes
  • •             See models who are every day, local Portlanders!—runners, walkers, fitness studio owners…
Purchase tickets today to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this fabulous night of fitness and fashion while supporting Oregon Active, and Seth McBride on his courageous journey that encompasses what Portland values. Tickets are limited, see you at Pure Space Saturday, September 20th.

Outdoor Ceremony at the Fields, Reception at Pure Space is the Perfect Marriage

Having a wedding reception at Pure Space can now be described as not only a walk in the park, but a walk from the park. The Fields Park was recently opened a stone’s throw away from the urban-chic venue, Pure Space, on SW Overton. A modern design on 3.2 acres in The Pearl District, The Fields may be an optimal site for couples looking for an outside ceremony, and an indoor reception without having to budget for two different venues, and while helping guests avoid the hassle of traveling to and finding a second venue, but also parking at a new destination downtown.

Parking in the area surrounding Pure Space and The Fields is exceptional—with 600 available spaces, close proximity to the Portland street car line, and more. Guests will easily find a space to attend the ceremony at The Fields, then make the two minute 49 second walk down to Pure Space to celebrate the nuptials!      
  • Benefits of a Park Wedding at The Fields and an Amenity Ridden Reception at Pure Space:
  • Best of Both Worlds: Many couples disagree on an indoor/outdoor wedding, and marriage is all about compromise! Hosting the ceremony at The Fields and the reception at Pure Space lets you and your guests enjoy both environments, without making a cumbersome pilgrimage and having an “R” rated conversation with a smartphone GPS trying to locate the second venue.
  • Impressively Inexpensive- The City of Portland reserves a one acre plot for 160 dollars, plus an 80 dollar application fee. A ceremony venue for 240 dollars? No, this is not a joke, nor is it the best part. The City allows only one wedding per park, per day. This means you have the entire day to set-up and take down ceremony décor at your leisure. The reserved one acre space allows for 100 guests. Electricity and amplified sound is also possible, see the City website for full details. The savings on the ceremony venue allows you to focus your budget on rentals and Pure Space—the reception venue.
  • Completely Customizable- The Fields Park, unlike many city parks, is surrounded by buildings and landscape that is neutral in color. It is often recommended that outdoor weddings strive to match shades of nearby construction and vegetation—incorporating the colors in flower arrangements, décor, and seat covers. With the modern design and neutrality of The Fields however, any hue will do! The same sentiments are true for a reception at Pure Space. The space has a reputation for being impeccably versatile and customizable.
  • Dog Friendly- So many couples would like to include their canines in the ceremony, though not all venues are fido friendly. Hosting a ceremony in a park, like The Fields, is a wonderful option that easily accommodates dogs. In fact, according to an article by The Oregonian, The Fields is the first of the City’s 33 off-leash dog parks built specifically with an area for dogs in mind.
Find out what Rentals/Decor WCEP recommends for a Park Wedding! Read the rest of this entry >>

Viva Las Vegas! Employee Party

Las Vegas’ Sliver Slipper casino was the inspiration for this swingin’ company party.

Casino Theme Party

Employees arrived for a cocktail hour, after which the casino was unveiled as the big surprise for the evening. WCEP created a custom silver slipper which rotated atop a truss arch at the entrance to the room. Banquet style seating was set on tiered staging against a backdrop of red garnet drape and old-school Las Vegas wall art. The gaming area, provided by Wild Bills, was set up under the mezzanine and featured “gaming noises” to give the effect of a real casino. Additional custom items included a cash cage, sushi station, LED signs and draped stage design.

Truss Bar Casino Theme

Casino Cage

Special thanks to Jessica Hill Photography for the stunning photos and one of Pure Space’s preferred caterers The Art of Catering.

The Art of Weddings Bridal Show

Photos of West Coast Event Productions’ booth by Atelier Pictures:

Art of Weddings Lounge

Art of Weddings Table Setting

Pure Space hosts the 2012 annual Art of Weddings Bridal Show on January 19, 2012!

Art of Weddings

“I started the event in 2004. While meeting with a friend in a local coffee shop I starting writing ideas on a napkin about a wedding show that I wanted to be different, more artistic, and to showcase the unique talent of the vendors in Portland. The event was created for the wedding professionals to connect with engaged couples in a welcoming and entertaining environment.  You can come to The Art of Weddings bridal show knowing that the vendors are the best in Portland, Oregon.”
– Alexis Turk, Art of Weddings Creator

Join us for an evening of culinary delights, floral designs, stunning photography, sweet treats, a fashion show and so much more!


FREE Holiday Rentals & Décor at Pure Space

Pure Space Holiday Package


An Urban Winter Wonderland Awaits On The Pure Space Mezzanine…

3000 Square Foot Urban Venue
Pre-Set Holiday Decor
Tables, Chairs & Linens For Up To 200 Guests

Perfect for cocktail receptions. Contact us for larger parties.
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Urban Meets Rustic Wedding Ceremony & Reception

This November wedding ceremony and reception combined Pure Space’s modern setting with rustic accents to create an “urban meets country” ambiance. Coordinated by Champagne Wedding & Event Coordination, the wedding is currently featured on Style Me Pretty.

From the bride…

“We used lighting and the blank warehouse style space to create an overall urban and modern look. We added candles, mason jars, wooden clothes pins and homemade ribbon and runners. To continue the country feel and also add a personal element, we used the barn wood from my grandparents old barn for our table signs, guest book, place card display, cake stand, cake topper, and directional signs.”

Click here to visit Style Me Pretty for more design highlights and elegant photos by Yasmin Khajavi & Laura Marchbanks Photography.